Workplace Health & Safety & Environmental Policy.

A.M.P.E Sarl South Pacific P/L Management’s WH&S and Environmental policy is to manage its services so as to protect the health and safety of its employees, the public, the environment, its assets and the community in accordance with the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 and all other relevant statutory and regulatory requirements required by the Demolition Industry. Our Safety Management Plan will be incorporated into the management system to provide all other relevant information to our customers.

The company is to ensure that every employee works in an environment where direct efforts are made to prevent accidents, injury and disruption to health from any foreseeable work hazards and risks by:

  • Providing and maintaining safe working procedures and operations through the implementation of an effective Work Safety Plan for each project; 
  • Reducing personal injuries and occupational illness reports from our employees, contractors and members of the public within our workplaces through management, consultation and co-operation;
  • Communicating with employees, contractors, communities and our customers to ensure all stakeholders workplace health & safety & environmental expectations are met;
  • Ensuring all workers and contractors are trained and adequately supervised to ensure awareness of their obligations and that all activities are conducted without risk to themselves or others;
  • Taking care of the environment as a key part of our responsibility to the community;
  • Continually monitoring and reviewing our Health, Safety & Environmental program in conjunction with our Management System Review meetings;
  • Minimising any losses caused through property damage, fire and security;
  • Provide adequate resources and funds to improve safety & environmental issues; and
  • Protect the environment from damage caused by our activities by complying with all environmental statutory and regulatory requirements within our area of expertise;
  • Workplace Health & Safety and Environmental Management in the Workplace is of primary importance to for A.M.P.E Sarl South Pacific P/L and therefore a policy of working safely at all times is a condition of employment and, whatever project all workers and contractors have a duty to minimise any risk to ourselves; other employees; customers; contractors; and the general public.

Dick Swainson